Inauguration Weekend

I’ve been waiting for this weekend for years now…  When I first entertained the thoughts of going to Georgetown for grad school, I recognized that the timing would be such that I’d be in DC for this.

It will be historic.  Everyone’s a little nervous, not sure what will happen.  Hopefully a lot of good stuff will happen, a little surprising stuff too, and nothing bad.  America deserves to celebrate this one.

On Sunday there is a free concert at the Lincoln Memorial in front of the reflecting pool.  I jogged past there last night and the pool was frozen over and there were Port-a-Johns lining the mall.  A stage was being built as well.  I’m going to try to catch some of the music but it is going to be absolutely PACKED…  Not to mention freezing, since there’s a massive cold front moving in.  Guess I should record it off TV too…

“Confirmed musical performers include: Beyonce, Mary J. Blige, Bono, Garth Brooks, Sheryl Crow, Renee Fleming, Josh Groban, Herbie Hancock, Heather Headley, John Legend, Jennifer Nettles, John Mellencamp, Usher Raymond IV, Shakira, Bruce Springsteen, James Taylor,, and Stevie Wonder.”

I don’t know what I’m doing Monday yet.  I tried to get tickets for a Beastie Boys/Sheryl Crow concert but it sold out online within ten minutes of being available. =(  Not ninja enough.

Tuesday I’ll try to go downtown and see part of the parade and fun during the day, but mainly to see the spectacle of the throng of people expected.  And in the evening I’m going to the Russian Cultural Center for their Unity Ball — celebrating freedom and democracy by sharing the night with the Russkies.

I’m taking my camera with me…and will try to provide photos and video of the splendor — I’m predicting there will be tons of cool media online after the national celebratory party is over.  Obama is certainly inspirational to the creative artists and “communitas” out there.


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One response to “Inauguration Weekend

  1. smellytourist

    Yawn…old rhetoric. Will he still be popular when socialism, unemployment and terrorism rise?

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