Walking Surfaces

Today it was rainy in DC and I was walking to the Exorcist steps to do my workout (chin-ups and 5-8 laps up the stairs) when I saw this guy fall flat on his ass on slippery stairs outside.  He was wearing flip-flops, so he had no traction.

I know this feeling well.  Georgetown has a lot of smooth-surfaced brick walkways, so if it’s wet or icy, you will slip on it in any kind of shoe, but particularly in flip-flops or dress shoes.  During the winter, the campus lays out salt, but you still see people fall on their butts constantly.

We spend so much of our days walking.  It seems like someone could make a game-changing company out of an invention that applied traction surfaces to walkways.  Perhaps even making bricks more like rough, uneven concrete, and then giving it a slightly sticky surface to increase walkability.  It would have to be easy to install and easy to replace, since so much damage and maintenance is inflicted upon city streets.

Now that we’re making chemical and mass-produced breakthroughs and are looking creatively at industrial design, we will start to make our world more liveable and more aesthetic.  And more fun.

Here’s a vid of the Exorcist steps:

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