I’m a Yahoo! Fellow!!!

I’m so ecstatic! The board said that I was the first name they thought of for this fellowship! And the senior fellow sounds like we share a lot of the same ideas about the state of social networking!

Dear Ben Turner,

The MSFS Scholarship Committee has recently met to nominate students for a unique fellowship opportunity with Georgetown University’s Institute for the Study of Diplomacy (ISD). As a result of a Yahoo! Inc. grant of $1 million to the School of Foreign Service for an eight-year Project on International Values, Communications Technology & the Global Internet, two half-tuition scholarships will be awarded annually to MSFS students selected as Junior Yahoo! Fellows. These students will be able to work on projects with the Yahoo! Fellow in Residence as well as engage with other faculty on related research topics. The grant will support projects that can be incorporated into the MSFS curriculum through guest lectures, special seminars, case studies and/or course modules.

Given your background and interests, you have been nominated as a Junior Yahoo! Fellow for the 2008-2009 academic year. Congratulations! The terms of this fellowship are as follows.

The Yahoo! Junior Fellow will:

* be involved with the Fellow in Residence’s specific research topic;

* provide substantive and organizational support for the Project’s
initiatives including conferences or seminars, research, on-line
publications, and/or courses in keeping with the Project’s goals.

These commitments would be expected to average 10 hours per week throughout the academic year. Attached for your information is the resume of the 2nd Yahoo! Fellow in Residence, Gaurav Mishra, as well as his application letter describing his initial research proposal.

If you accept this nomination, the half-tuition scholarship would be credited to your account in equal increments each semester. This scholarship would replace any other scholarship funds you would have received from the MSFS Program for the 2008-2009 academic year. Please consider the terms of this offer and inform us by June 17th, 2008 if you wish to accept.

On behalf of James Seevers, Director of Research for ISD, and the MSFS Scholarship Committee, I congratulate you on your nomination.

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