Spring 2008 Grades

I ended up getting an A in political economy of communications policy. My professor really loved my final paper. She said not many people are able to pull off an analysis of cultural, technological, and business influences on a product (in my case, high-speed wireless technology).

I got an A- in both analytical & statistical skills and in international social entrepreneurship. My two group partners got an A in the stats class, so that sucks for me.

And then I got a flat B in my development orthodoxies class, which I was bummed about. The professor is an extremely hard grader and emphasizes having a clear thought process, which is precisely my worst skill. I still thought he was overly tough on my final grade since I contributed in many non-graded ways to the class, including sending outside links to the development concentrators, presenting extra dissent papers, and in general providing unconventional ways of thinking. Plus I talked to the professor separately and endorsed the program (he is the head of our concentration) to prospective students. I’m not saying it makes up for me not delivering what he wanted on papers, but still. I sort of feel alienated from him, but still willing to pursue all those things…just on my own, not for him.

I’m pretty unsure what I’m going to be taking next semester still.


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