Okay, Ahmadinejad’s an idiot but the American media is really working a smear job on him. Calling him a midget, drawing a caricature of him as a monkey (like Bush), backing up reactionary measures to stop him from leaving a wreath at the 9/11 site. I don’t get that last one. Why can’t he leave a wreath? Is it because we believe he’s one of those terrist people?

It’s like looking at those old propaganda cartoons from World War II where they had Japanese, Nazi, and Italian leaders drawn up as demonic, evil figures. It’s fucking sick.

And why the fury about Columbia University letting him speak? It just makes no sense… Universities promote diversity of ideas… Meanwhile Americans are convinced that Ahmadinejad directly orders the killings of American troops in Iraq, and that he’s a jihadist and terrorist.

Donald Trump talked about how this is nothing but good publicity for Columbia…now everyone’s talking about them. Good ol’ Donald…

An article at Slate suggested that they should let Ahmadinejad speak here as long as he lets someone go speak in Iran about an issue they’re not very comfortable with. And as Glenn Greenwald put it, they wouldn’t treat him like that here unless everyone’s convinced that we should go to war with Iran. The drumbeat continues…


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