Good News from the Front

Michael Yon is back in Iraq. He’s a fantastic embedded journalist and this time he’ll be in Iraq for a year. I highly recommend subscribing to his feed. Last deployment, he caught photos of a shootout in the streets and a fight to the death on the ground between a sergeant major and an insurgent.

Also, it warms my little heart to see news of a US Special Ops Spectre gunship strike on suspected Al-Qaeda members in Somalia. The Ethiopians and Kenyans annihilated the Islamic Courts in Somalia and now the jihadists are trying to flee. This is perfect for our military capabilities, what with overhead imagery and air support. Fry those fuckers! That’s the kind of shit I want to see, and what I signed up for.

Hopefully they will continue to rout the jihadists, because an insurgency is bound to happen in Somalia after things calm down. Zawahiri has asked for jihadists to support the Somalian Al-Qaeda cause.


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