From Clive Hamilton’s “Growth Fetish”:

“As the emphasis on consumption and paid work is wound back, new space will be opened up for cultural, educational, and community work and for participation in meaningful leisure. Not only would more time be available for these activities; their value will also be increased once the leviathan of the market is reduced to its proper size. This will augur a deeper transformation, a move away from activities carried out for instrumental reasons — the production of goods and services destined for the market — towards activities that are valuable in themselves. We will benefit from these activities as much from the doing of them as from the outputs generated. In this way, much more of people’s daily activity will be fulfilling in itself and provide the opportunity for growth of character. THis type of activity, which is currently classed as unproductive, will be understood to be productive because it produces the self and reproduces community, and the value of these activities will be apparent fromt heir manifest contribution to the wellbeing of all.”


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